The son of Abu Mahmud, both members of the Syria Revolutionaries Front, has revealed in an interview how the American government is supplying the armed groups like Jahbat al Nusra and the Islamic Front with weapons, equipment and training. The son of Abu Mahmud told in an interview that some of the weapons and equipment are manuals on how to adjust anti tank weapons and machine guns, Kalashnikovs, RPG’s, B9 cannons, PKG machine guns, pick up trucks with mounted weapons, military uniforms, full medical equipement, bullet proof vests, helmets, compasses and GPS which gives information about distances.
The son of Abu Mahmud told that the training course*is*one month. He told that the jihadists will spend*the first*week in Ankara for medical check ups. After these medical check ups they leave Ankara to spend three weeks in Qatar. Abu Mahmud’s son told that the jihadists spend three weeks in Qatar to train on how to use weapons. During the first week in Qatar they will learn on how to use a Kalashnikov and machine guns. During the remaining two weeks*the jihadists get training in*how to use B9 cannons, RPG’s and PKG machine guns.
The son of Abu Mahmud told that after the training course, they recieve their weapons and ammunition*after five days in Atmeh in Syria through Bab al Hawa in Syria. The son of Abu Mahmud also revealed that every ten fighters get one pick up truck with a mounted gun. Each month, a group of around 100 jihadists would complete the training. Only jihadists who complete the training will recieve weapons and equipement from the American government.