The Syrian Army today ended the first phase of it’s assault on insurgent positions in Homs.
Ten days after the ferocious assault which has so far wiped out militant groups in the city, the Syrian army announced that it had full control over the Khalidya district and is on track to take Bab Hood.
Despite the discovery of tunnels and attacks from sniper positions, the Syrian army has speedily moved through Homs, with sources in the insurgency describing developments being “as bad as it was in Al-Qusayr” – where deeply entrenched militants were routed.
Unable to push back the offensive, insurgents carried out two suicide bombings yesterday in the government controlled*Akrameh district of Homs city, killing and wounding a number of civilians.
Elsewhere in Homs, insurgents were ambushed by Syrian forces. Groups of armed men had being attempting to infiltrate the country – to the recently secured town of Talkalakh.
The following video, from Al-Aram News, shows army movements in Homs: