"Формируйте Зеленые Комитеты, создайте свой местный информационный центр, чтобы получать и распространять правду. Зеленый флаг Джамахирии принадлежит всем Вам. Создайте местные Зеленые комитеты чтобы общаться и делиться информацией. Выявляйте предателей интересов народа, покажите, что власть принадлежит народу, таков путь обретения народовластия"

Муаммар аль-Каддафи "Послание к жителям планеты Земля"
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    Bani Walid, Libya 24th October, 2012

    24th October, 2012
    Bani Walid, Libya
    Message for media

    Defenders of Bani Walid opened the city yesterday night to allow armed gangs to come inside the city. After this defenders destroyed the bridge that considered a gate to the city. Most part of criminals who came to this trap got killed, number of bodies which they left about thousand or more

    As eyewitness of Bani Walid reported: “even the sunset reflexes their blood in the sky “

    Now Bani Walid under heavy shelling again, armed gangs couldn’t to forse defenders to give up and try to destroy the city.

    The occupation regime of Libya wanted to declare victory over Bani Walid at October 20th, (the day of the murder of man looks as Gaddafi), or at least 23th October (when they announced the release of Libya).

    But the city is fighting and do not give up still, Glory to defenders of Bani Walid.

    Tribe Werfalla is a tribe which began to consolidate the other tribes of Libya, in Bani Walid were few conferences of big part of Libyan tribes. They tried to solve problems which occupation regime hade to create, Bani Walid became the real centre of power in Libya.

    The leaders of countries,which occupy Libya, didn’t like this. They decided to conquer this tribe, or to destroy it, in order to give a lesson to other tribes in Libya. This nazi action is taking place before our eyes for almost a month.

    Omran Shaaban from Misrata was one of those, who tortured a man like Gaddafi. He was captured as a spy near Bani Walid. When he try to run, stole a car and rolled over on it, breaking own neck, but medics from Bani Walid clinic, cured him.

    After that, Omran Shaaban was taken to Misrata. He didn’t die in french clinic, but was killed. Medics made scars on his body, which was looking like torture scars, and then it was said that Shaaban was tortured in Bani Walid.

    The representatives of occupation regime lied that Shabaan was the first man who found Gaddafi. They tried to heroize him, because they wanted the world community and libyans to believe, that Bani Walid people are cruel torturers, and therefore they are worthy of death, and their killing would be necessary and fair action.

    It’s not true, that gangs from Misrata or armed forces from Libyan occupation regime are fighting against Bani Walid. In fact, USA, France, Great Britain and Qatar are trying to destroy Bani Walid.

    Blocking Russian proposal to to discuss situation in Bani Valid, is proof of U.S. complicity in the crime. For almost a month people in Bani Walid die from fire, sarin and mustard poison gas attacks, they are bombed by heavy weapons, tanks and rocket system “Grad”.

    From yesterday, when armed gangs have announced tha capture of Bani Walid and world media extended this lie, internet connection and electricity was turned off, so the truth about what Bani Walid is still fighting, shouldn’t spread.
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