Case about big number of libyan who were poisoned by adulterate alcohol become scandal.

Occupation regime of Libya try to hide some facts about this case as a consequence there is a significant difference in the amount of poisoned people in the official reports of various departments of regime.
For example in report of so callled National Security Directorate of Tripoli by 9 March 2013 wrote about 428 people who were poisoned and 19 people who dead
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In report of so called Ministry of Health by 11 March 2013 wrote about 378 people who was poisoned and 33 people died ( 13 of them died in way to Tunisian hospitals)
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By tweet one of CNN presstitutes Jomana Karadsheh:
"#Libya health ministry says 51dead as a result of poisoning from locally (home) made alcohol. More than 370 cases of poisoning"

By reports of indepenent sources from Libya number of poisined people are more than 600, number of dead could be 51 people already as represantive of regime says for CNN, at least 70 are in coma in hospitals of Tripoly. After destruction and robbery of Libya by NATO and local traitors, most part of hospitals are destroyed or haven't neccessary equipment. Occupation regime was not prepared to mass people poisoning. Six hundred poisoned people is a small number for a large city. But only 371 from these 600 were taken to hospitals because of stolen budget money prepared for hospitals restoration.People were drived to hospitals of Tunisia, at least 13 of them died in way to Tunisian hospitals.

By our sources from Tripoli, most part of poisoned people are members of so called "Shield of Libya", it is armed gang of occupation regime, which was created in Misurata. Also between victims are members of so-called Supreme Security Committee of occupation regime.
Poor rats could be poisoned by local alhocol drink, but rich rats were poisoned by counterfeit alcohol aka Absolut vodka or vodka Smirnoff.
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Gangs of Misurata last week forced the members of the puppet parliament to pass in the first reading the law "on political isolation". Apparently this law will allow people from Misurata to occupy important positions in the occupation administration after the other will be driven out. Here's gang leaders decided to mark the event as it is accepted in the West, which is a role model.
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We want to remind that among poisoned people were girls, drunk party with girls is new face of new Libya, it is sharia of rats, Islam by servants of Western regimes.

In past in colonial Libya before Revolution of people at 1969 was same, by research of our friend from Libya:

"Now, after the large numbers of deaths and cases of alcohol poisoning as a result of toxic material methanol offer you the historical truth of this to find out the source of poisoning from where it came ...?!
And the bitter truth for everyone in the rugged 17 salacious and public prostitute and every Jew from the Jewish entity Misrata private ... Misurata primary source of wines and alcohol in the rule of the king of Britain defunct West Idriss Senoussi
There were two types of alcohol known in Libya before the Great Revolution, namely "Oya beer" and that the plant Dahra area in Tripoli, and wine products made in Zliten and Misurata, well known cities planting grapes.
Misurata was also known also manufacture all kinds of wine and alcoholic liquor and wine prepared for special Vino di Misurata, which was shown in glass bottles and the label of the product with image of a horse.
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Besides also Bukha [name of local alcohol]was produce by different local manufactures in Misurata for the rest of the other regions.
All this was the period before the revolution of Al-Fateh 91.09.1969) bars and tavern present in the Libyan literature scene as part of the city
Misurata private and image of the bar was the biggest witness and evidence of state King Idriss Senoussi and his grandchildren and their clients as Ksuehali[name of famous man in Misurata] and other ..

P. S.
Tommorow will be full report