His name is Anis Al Dib , he is young resident of Damascus district in Tripoli. He had been arrested by the head of Damascus District Council for two weeks. After this time he was thrown in front of his house, with evidences of all kinds of torture on his body , which led to into a coma. He was moved to Tunisian on the track for treatment, where he died there..

Criminals who tortured him are barbarians from Misurata and thugs who have deep-seated hatreds to Libyan.

Reality of occupation regime of Libya - endless tortures and indifference to others' suffering

Indifference to the suffering of others is the main feature of the occupied Libya. In Libya, together with people which sell Homeland to the Western corporations , came Western insensitivity and selfishness. Those who believe that Libya has become more free, pretend that there is no damage that they brought. Moreover, they do not care about other people, they only care about the satisfaction of their own desires. Another's suffering are fun for them. This is the essence of so-called “liberals”, “democrats” which are creatures of US Dep and EU and the essence of the freedom for which they are fighting for, the freedom of their impunity.