News from Ajdabiya, Libya

In the city of Ajdabiya to the west of Benghazi “channel first” the TV source of occupational regime made an interview of local residents. They complained that there are total absence of safety in the city. Eight person stated that members of their families were raped.
That was clearly showed on the main channel of occupational regime in Libya. They have not possibility to cover the absence of public order in Libya. Bands that have been torturing, raping, killing since the 17 February of 2011 continue to do this! They were named police and army. But continue to commit crimes they are used to commit. Members of bands also continue their criminal activity in their ordinary way without any fear of punishment or prosecution. Occupational regime does not care about life of ordinary citizens. They just steal resources of the country. Only the return of People` Committees and members of government of Jamahiria can retrieve the order to country.