Egypt, members of the organization "Muslim Brotherhood" raped two women copts-Christians on the street, in the afternoon. (This video was allegedly recorded in 2010)

Muslim Brotherhood is Wahhabi wing organization, their leaders are subject to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and therefore subject to the United States.
Its members were directly involved in the change of regimes in Egypt and Tunisia, and the intervention in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The Muslim Brotherhood being in Libya, from February 2011 to take part in the rape and torture committed against the civilian population. They are in Libya so far, especially a lot of them in Misurata gangs and gang from cities of east of Libya. According to witnesses, members of the organization committed brutal tortures and rapes. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood whose became police commit rapes and tortures, which are comparable to torture in the prisons of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. They torture and rape even old men, women and children, also a member of the organization "Muslim Brotherhood" has proposed a law allowing rape of dead people. At its core, the members of this organization are no different from their masters from Western countries. They have the same needs and desires: alcohol, drugs, perversion rapes, that's all that interests of both. Decomposition of the traditions of Islam from within, it is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood. This video shows the level of moral corruption in the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood as a minimum from 2010. Rape in prisons and concentration camps for people of Libya are commonplace thing for such people.